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Expert Of Fba Prep Shipping
Matson Ocean Freight

Why Choose Torbon?We Focus on FBA Prep Logistics,One-Stop FBA Preparation Services For Global Amazon Sellers.No warehouse required,Pick, pack and ship,We'll take care of everything behind the scenes from when you give us a call.

Global Shipping Guaranteed

Door-to-door delivery is available all over the China,Just call us and forget it, we'll make sure the shipments go out on time, every time!

First-Time Clearance

we'll make sure the shipments go out on time, every time!

Quick & Efficient Lead Times


Product Quality Check

Labeling and Changing Labels

Professional Customer Service

24-hours One-to-one services

The whole process can be traced..

We Focus on FBA Prep Logistics

Torbon provides multiple options based on your needs. With the ability to use different routes, couriers and handle any size, shape or weight packages; Torbon will find the best combination to save you and your customers money!


Torbon helping global cross-border e-commerce sellers to optimize international logistics costs and catalyzing the globalization of Chinese products.

Grab Global Expansion Opportunities

With the help of Amazon's global resources, Torbon helps global sellers to seize the new opportunities of e-commerce,expand the global market and build own brands.

Reduce international shipping risks and costs

Instead of losing customers at the end of their shopping spree on your site due to high shipping costs, Torbon keeps shipping costs low, allowing you to convert more visits into sales!

Choose Torbon

Use our comprehensive solution,Accurate cost quotation and route optimization to expand business,Torbon helps you become a top seller of Amazon!


What our clients say

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  • - Kelsey, based in New York, $1million+ in sales

    “It is sporadic to find a company that gives you that much quality in their FBA service and is cost-efficient. I am glad they have my business.

  • - Mr.Cai, based in Shenzen, $10million+ in sales

    " Fast preparation of my packages before FBA shipment was crucial for me. Thanks to you, our sales rate increased significantly.,It's amazing! "

  • - Shirley, based in the UK, $100k+ seller

    “Absolutely fantastic support from Ray and the team at Torbon. I would thoroughly recommend their service for getting goods into the EU.”

  • - Jinbang,From UK

    "We are Platinum plan member since 2015, because you guys, our business running smoothly and efficiently. We are so happy to developed a great partnership with you. Thanks so much for your awesome work."

Win-win cooperation

Torbon----Let us handle the logistics
so you can focus onrevenue-generating business efforts.

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